This is the kind of situation I always seem to end up in, ask anyone!

    Let me set the scene… Me and my girl nipped in her mums house for a bit. She and her mum go into another room, leaving me watching tv and her sister in her toybox (she is 1 years old)..

    So I’m watching tv now and I think to myself “how has the kid climbed into the toy box like that” but as I look at her, (she’s looking at me) I see her put a small purple marble into her mouth! So I thought “shit I better get it out!” So I tried to prize open her mouth, but she was having none of it (my girl and her mum are still in the other room, oblivious) Unable to get it out I began to get more forcefull by squeezing her cheeks so her mouth would open…. Still no result…(during all this the kid is screaming like it’s a murder scene) … I then had no choice but to prize her teeth open (I even tried holding her nose so she opened her mouth which was also unsuccessful) obv for a 1 year old, having a 6ft man do this is horrific. Anyway as the panic grew I finally managed to force her mouth open (whilst she was in a headlock). Just as I grabbed the thing from her mouth my girl and her mum walked back in (hearing the commotion) They looked and said “what are you doing” just as I removed the thing out of her mouth….. To reveal…. IT WAS A RED GRAPE!………………

    3 years ago